Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri is the best ski resort in Georgia with well-developed infrastructure, the greatest difference in altitude, and unlimited possibilities for free-ride, back country (ski touring). There is about 120 km from Tbilisi to Gudauri ski Resort and can be reached there in 2 hours. The resort is the highest settlement on the Georgian Military Road (the old name “Heavenly Gorge”) at the altitude of 2000 m. near the Cross Mountain Pass of the main Caucasus range. Even in mild winters, Gudauri offers reliable snow cover from November through April. Thus, winter season in Gudauri ski resort begins in early December and lasts till the end of March.

The highest point of the resort is Mount Sadzele – 3307 m above the sea level. The summit Kudebi (3007) is another popular destination, because one can ski basically from any side of the mount, 360 degrees.

The total length of groomed ski runs are over 20 km and are suitable for all skiers, from beginners to experts. Gudauri ski Resort is well known for its winter activities and hosts ski and snowboard competitions and sports festivals every year. Resort is also a great summer destination, offering bird watching, trekking, horseback riding and rafting.

Gudauri’s slopes are all above tree line. They are ideal for free-riders and are generally considered avalanche-safe. The resort offers exciting long and short runs for all classes of skiers and snowboarders. Gudauri Ski Resort also boasts some of the best heliskiing in the world at some of the most affordable prices found anywhere.

Sitting astride the newly refurbished and historic Georgian Military Highway there can be no better launch pad than Gudauri for explorations of the Greater Caucasus, 12 months of the year.
Modern, newly renovated hotels and Apartments offer all the facilities for spending unforgettable time. Resort sport schools provide ski instructions for beginners of all ages.

Gudauri Ski Resort frequently hosts local and international skiing competitions.
Only a short drive and even a shorter helicopter flight from Tbilisi Gudauri is spectacular on every level. More …


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Useful information about Gudauri Ski Resort

Distance from Georgian International Airports to Gudauri Ski Resort:

(Tbilisi Airport – 120 km); (Kutaisi Airport – 320 km); (Batumi Airport – 445 km);

How to get in Gudauri Ski Resort:

Transfers from Tbilisi airport are available from 100$ USD per journey (up to 1-6 persons) or 220$ USD per journey (up to 7-15 persons). Our company has its own motor pool and can provide shuttle, VIP transfer and special high possibility vehicles.

Price of ski passes in for adults (2019-2020):

(1 Day – 17$ USD); (7 Days – 103$ USD); (10 Days – 142$ USD); (Full Season – 205$ USD);

Price of ski passes in for children (2019-2020):

(1 Day – 11$ USD); (7 Days – 74$ USD); (10 Days – 107$ USD); (Full Season – 115$ USD);

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